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Duratech Announces First Commercial Production of In-Mold Electronics

DuraTech Industries Inc, which provides high-quality custom label printing services for customers worldwide, is announcing its first commercial production of In-Mold Electronics (IME). IME combines all of the benefits of in-mold decorating with printed, conductive inks, creating a unique solution to user experiences. Watlow, a global supplier of industrial electric thermal solutions, has successfully applied DuraTech's IME technology to the design and production of their new industrial controller, the Watlow PM PlusTM. For more information see the IDTechEx report on In-Mold Electronics 2019-2029: Technology, Market Forecasts, Players.
The Watlow PM PlusTM, is an improved version of Watlow's EZ-ZONE® PM controller. Because of DuraTech's in-mold electronics technology, Watlow's PM PlusTM is now more intuitive and features an enhanced interface for easier programing and readability with a smooth touch keypad, replacing legacy rubber buttons. The PM PlusTM reduces the complexity at the front of the control while eliminating the dependency of cables when configuring the product, creating an industry leading user experience.
Paul Hatlem, DuraTech's Sales Manager expressed, "DuraTech is proud to help Watlow become an early adopter of in-mold electronics. DuraTech is one of the first companies worldwide in production of this exciting new technology that embeds the circuits between layers of plastic to protect them from the environment, reduce weight and size while improving reliability. The form, fit and function requirements of Watlow's controller made IME a perfect solution."
DuraTech has been providing decorative and functional identification products to Fortune 500 customers in the medical, industrial, appliance, computer, electronics and automotive fields for over 40 years, and has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998. DuraTech's diverse portfolio of products and services enables them to provide their customers with complementary components in custom-made packages.
Source: DuraTech Industries Inc
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