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Liquavista launches Color display for eReaders

Liquavista BV. has launched its latest technology platform LiquavistaColor, which offers bright full color capability and the advantages of full interactivity and hi-fidelity video at ultra-low power to future advanced eReader devices for the first time.
"The market for eReaders is set to be revolutionised by the availability of high performance color displays for the very first time." Stated Guy Demuynck, Liquavista's CEO. "We believe our new display technology, LiquavistaColor will mean that fully interactive color devices will now become available to consumers with all the advantages of true mobility. This underlines the tremendous potential of Liquavista technology and its promise to revolutionise mobile consumer products".
"Users will now get to see the true power of magazine quality performance in fully interactive mobile devices" added Nigel Litchfield, Chairman of Liquavista "LiquavistaColor brings full-color sunlight readable screens which can bring significantly enhanced usability and interactivity. Consumers can now read not only books but also enjoy magazines or newspapers as well as browsing photos, video clips and enjoy social networking. It transforms devices with just a basic reading function into full-feature low-powered multi-media devices that are usable in all environments."
The company points out that LiquavistaColor demonstrates the natural evolution from the LiquavistaBright technology platform, unveiled only 3 months ago, combining color filter technology with our unique high efficiency optical models and the most advanced algorithms for improved color management. The company says that all the features and benefits of the existing LiquavistaBright platform can be found in LiquavistaColor but now with the benefit of full color capability. It claims that this technology is the perfect solution for a full range of low-cost sunlight readable handheld devices: not only reading books, news feeds or newspapers but also browsing photos and video clips, as well as the ability to fully enjoy the complete range of online services.
Liquavista's electrowetting display technology has been developed to be compatible with existing display manufacturing techniques and processes. In fact, more than 90% of the manufacturing cycle use standard LCD manufacturing equipment and processes. Called LCD 2.0, this enables Liquavista's partners to quickly re-use their manufacturing assets to its displays and bring exciting, highly differentiated products to life with both enhanced usability and performance.
Liquavista offers a new type of electronic screen technology that it says will change the way we interact with mobile phones, media players, electronic readers and other mobile devices. Liquavista's displays create bright and colourful images that ensure excellent indoor and outdoor viewability and use dramatically less battery power. Users can engage with their favourite applications for longer before a recharge is necessary and battery sizes can be reduced allowing devices to be thinner and lighter.
The company's ultimate vision is to build on the extraordinary optical performance and unique power efficiency of its technology to lead a green revolution in low power displays for notebook PCs, desktop monitors and televisions.
Source Liquavista BV
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