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E-Paper Displays Used in Santorini and Syros

Travellers on Santorini and Syros will benefit from real-time passenger information on solar powered e-paper bus stop displays as a result of smart city projects led by Papercast partner, AMCO Inspired Technologies.
These projects are part of a wider national strategy to develop intelligent transport systems to handle the increasing demand for travel with sustainable transportation. Both projects were awarded to AMCO during 2019 and are expected to make a significant contribution towards improving the quality of life for residents and visitors. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Flexible, Printed OLED Displays 2020-2030: Forecasts, Markets, Technologies.
In Santorini (officially Thira) the scope is to develop and operate an intelligent telematics platform for the public bus service. The technology will enable the municipality to optimise route planning and provide passengers with real-time trip related information. AMCO is providing a comprehensive solution that includes a Transit Management System (TMS) with Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) from Papercast partner LIT Transit, and a Passenger Information System (PIS). It encompasses a complete control centre that consolidates information from bus driver consoles to provide real-time passenger information. This live service information is delivered via smart bus stops using Papercast e-paper displays and associated system applications (such as mobile app and website).
In the Syros Ermoupolis Municipality, AMCO is providing an integrated multi-channel information system for bus transport using similar technology components to Santorini. The public will be able to gain information on public transport routes and the estimated time of arrival at bus stops in real-time on Papercast e-paper passenger information displays. The system includes LED and LCD passenger information displays within the city buses showing route itineraries, next stop and journey times. Live information is also available in real time via a smartphone mobile application, SMS and a customized web application. All data will be gathered in the central management platform, featuring state-of-the-art functionality and providing remote monitoring and management.
"They were initially considering alternative signage technologies, but were more impressed with e-paper technology," comments Iraklis Kitsonas, International Sales Manager at AMCO. "Papercast offers a self-sustainable solution that is completely solar powered and installed off-grid without any power or connectivity requirements. It also performs extremely well as an outside display, with excellent visibility even in direct sunlight. Overall, Papercast offers intelligent technology that blends seamlessly with the islands' idyllic scenery."
The unique attributes of e-paper make it ideal for outside use, with unbeatable screen visibility, even in direct sunlight. Couple this with wireless connectivity and the exceptionally low power consumption achieved by Papercast's engineers, and the displays can be continuously solar powered without changing the battery - no power or connectivity cables are required. Additionally, Papercast's sophisticated cloud-based management system offers simple integration with open data standards, as well as the ability to control all aspects of the display and its content remotely. Transport authorities can now provide live arrivals and other information to passengers at bus stops where previously it would not have been feasible.
Source and top image: Papercast
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