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PureDepth acquires patent for multi-layer OLED displays

PureDepth™, Inc., the creator of Multi-Layer Display™ technology and a leader in new visualization experiences, announced that it has acquired a patent covering methods of assembling, displaying and controlling images on a layered Organic Light Emitting Diode display. U.S. Patent 6,720,961, which holds a priority date of November 6, 2000, further strengthens PureDepth's leadership position in MLD technology by incorporating OLEDs, which are fast becoming standard in mobile devices and are expected to dominate the display market in the near future.
This patent becomes part of PureDepth's robust intellectual portfolio, consisting of more than 150 pending and allowed patents, including 82 granted.
PureDepth's MLD displays contain two or more layers of display panels placed in front of one another in a single monitor allowing for 3-D effects. Its patented technologies provide brilliant alerts, high-contrast viewing, intense colors and real depth, revolutionizing the way people view data, images, video and other content. This latest patent offers broad protection for uses involving an unlimited number of OLED layers with or without depth between them, LCD/OLED combinations using MLD technology, the conversion of single-layer content into three-dimensional content across depth planes, and the manipulation of content across depth planes.
"One of the most powerful things about PureDepth's MLD technology is that it is flexible enough to work across an array of display devices to bring people new visualization experiences," said PureDepth CEO Andy Wood. "More and more companies are focusing on OLED displays because of their brightness, clarity and thinness. This is especially true in the mobile market, which we see as a vertical that could benefit greatly from MLD technology. Acquiring this patent assists PureDepth in remaining at the forefront of emerging display technology, setting the stage for future partnerships with major brands and OEMs."
PureDepth's MLD technology offers 3-D-like imagery without the need for special glasses. By providing real depth, instead of a simulation, PureDepth's technology delivers the most lifelike and most useful visual experience ever available, without negative side effects like headaches and dizziness.
Since its inception, PureDepth has established itself as an innovator in the 3-D and visualization space, and the company continues to expand its leading technology offerings by licensing and supporting its technology with partners, including OEMs and developers, to bring cutting-edge visual display products to market.

About PureDepth

PureDepth ( External Link) is an innovative technology company transforming the visual display experience by delivering award-winning MLD technology.
Backed by 82 approved patents and more than 70 pending patents, this breakthrough in visualization is the first display technology that provides Actual DepthTM.
The Company has a sales, marketing and distribution license agreement with Sanyo Corporation in Japan, a worldwide licensing agreement with International Game Technology and business opportunities in broad consumer markets.
Founded in 1999, the Company has its main office and engineering center in New Zealand, with country offices in Tokyo and Redwood City, California.
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