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Pervasive Displays Increases Manufacturing Capacity

Pervasive Displays (PDi) announces a major advancement in product reliability and manufacturing capacity, through its collaboration with BOE Smart Electronics System Co Ltd to improve the automated production of electronic paper displays (EPDs).
The new automated facility embraces the benefits of Industry 4.0; adding condition monitoring, automated continuous inspection and quality measurement to increase capacity, improve quality and reduce the potential for faults during the manufacture of its e-paper displays. The new production facility, owned and operated by BOE, gives Pervasive Displays access to a fully automated manufacturing facility for displays measuring 1 to 5-inch, and semi-automation for displays measuring 5 to 12-inch. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Flexible, Printed OLED Displays 2020-2030: Forecasts, Markets, Technologies.
"As a leader in the design and manufacture of e-paper displays (EPDs), Pervasive Displays has been making significant investments in its automated manufacturing capabilities since 2016," said Scott Soong, Chairman and CEO, Pervasive Displays. "This latest advancement focuses on the lamination and inspection processes of EPD manufacture. With a capacity of 3 million units per month, it is the world's most productive EPD line."
The use of increased automation reduces the human interaction required in the lamination process, one of the many critical phases of EPD production. By adopting Industry 4.0 approaches to closely monitor and control the entire process, the production engineering team has full visibility into every aspect of the manufacturing process, providing actionable data that is used to maintain optimal throughput with minimum failures.
The facility, based in Chongqing, is owned and operated by BOE Smart Electronics System Co Ltd which is part of the BOE Group, the majority shareholder of Pervasive Displays' parent company SES-imagotag. The facility builds on the experience and expertise Pervasive Displays has acquired since developing its first generation of auto-lamination machinery in 2016. BOE and Pervasive Displays work closely together to develop and advance EPD production.
"Pervasive Display's focus on materials research, coupled with BOE's expertise in manufacturing, provides the perfect synergy for the further development and mass production of EPDs," commented Benjamin Yang, General Manager, BOE.
Source and top image: Pervasive Displays
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