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Raynergy Tek acquires OPV and OPD Portfolio of Merck KGaA

Raynergy Tek, specialized in proprietary organic semiconductors for third generation energy harvesting and photo-detecting application has recently acquired Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany's portfolio of best-in- class, high-performance Organic photovoltaic (OPV) and Organic photodetector (OPD) proprietary materials, including revolutionary and highly-patented photoactive materials and interfacial layer formulation. The close of this deal enables Raynergy Tek to offer the most comprehensive range of superior and ready commercial organic semiconductors products for the OPV and OPD applications.
"We very much appreciate that our OPV customers can continue to receive materials now from Raynergy Tek Inc. a well experienced partner in that industry," added Dr. Thomas Kietzke, Senior Director Performance Materials, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
The acquisition of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany's OPV and OPD portfolio - includes the trailblazing intellectual properties and know how covering over 270 patents on materials' chemical structures useful for designing the key photoactive layer as well as the LisiconTM trademark and polymer products and formulations. This brings Raynergy Tek's total number of organic semiconducting material patents to over 370 worldwide. To ensure smooth transition and the supply of the established LisiconTM products, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany offers to support Raynergy Tek for a period of 7 months for continuing on OPV and OPD material supply to their existing customers as well as assisting Raynergy Tek on technology know how transfer on reproducing these proprietary materials.
"Raynergy Tek is committed to start producing and supplying the key products under the brand of LisiconTM from 2021 onwards and intends to continue to advance and broaden this material platform going forward. Furthermore, the addition of LisiconTM products to our existing already strong PV and PD series will also significantly increase our revenue opportunity and further strengthen our business model." comments by Dr. Phoebe Tan, CEO of Raynergy Tek.
"A major joint objective is to pool know how that both chemical companies originally owned independently in the solution processable organic semiconductors for OPV and OPD spaces. With Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany's extensive 20 years of Research and Development efforts and IP Portfolio added to Raynergy Tek's existing patents family for OPVs and OPDs, we truly anticipate a great momentum for material innovation advancement for better performance in energy conversion efficiency for the case of OPV while extending the photosensitivity to beyond Near Infrared regime for OPD applications." added Dr. Yi-Ming Chang, CTO of Raynergy Tek.
"We are delighted to be selected by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany after their 6 months serious evaluation to becoming the successor of their extensive IP and know how developed specifically for OPV and OPD applications." added Mr. Jason Hsiao, Chairman of Raynergy Tek Inc. Owing to the uniqueness of OPV technology which include light weight, solution processability, scalability as well as functionality, various deployment projects for OPV modules around the globe in 2019 and more will reveal soon.
Moving forward, OPV could potentially play as a vital energy harvester component for massive consumer electronic market, reducing the one-time used batteries and the multimillion-dollar green energy building façade market. On the other hand, the OPD technology is also on the rise, increase interests are targeting on their potential use for CMOS Image sensors (CIS), bio-matric sensors (finger print, iris, and vein), and portable X-ray imagers for medically bed-site inspection. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Energy Harvesting for Electronic Devices 2020-2040.
Mr. Hsiao further commented, "We appreciated Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany's for entrusting our team with their decades long Research and Development efforts both in their OPV and OPD applications. As the saying goes, "We see further when standing on the shoulders of giants." Our chemical team are committed to take charge for the advancement of the next generation OPV and OPD organic semiconducting materials sets, we have greater confidence level now with the newly acquired IPs and know how."
Source and top image: Raynergy Tek Incorporation
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