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Introduction of Coatema's new Minicoater at Printed Electronics Europe

Printed Electronics Europe 2010 is one of the World's largest events on printed and organic electronics. Coatema Coating Machinery, one of the pioneers in these fields with installations at VTT, Holst Centre, IPMS Dresden, IAP Potsdam and several other leading R&D institutions worldwide is going to present a new development for small-scale, cost-efficient and multifunctional R&D roll to roll equipment.
The new unit called Minicoater includes different options of coating and printing systems, like doctor blade, slot die, impregnation, micro roller and engraved roller printing and a laminating device. With a working width of 100 mm the ink consumption can be minimized for the R&D process. The Coatema Minicoater is equipped with a 350 mm hot air dryer in EEx-layout. A laminating station provides the possibility to include encapsulation processes in the operation.
Reproducibility is possible without any compromises. The multifunctional unit is equipped with 3-4 motors, load cells and a backward running operation mode. Those features make small sample production an easy operation. The whole unit is enclosed and can also be offered for glove box operations.
The Minicoater will be shown for the first time and released for publication at Printed Electronics 2010.
Dr. Andreas Giessmann owner of Coatema Coating Machinery stated, "this will be only one highlight of new equipment in 2010", Coatema is ramping up a new range of lab and pilot coaters this year to support its ongoing success of the lab solutions programme.
All units can be tested and rented for coating and printing trials in the Coatema R&D centre with 11 pilot coaters and one production line its one of the biggest centres worldwide.

About Coatema:

Coatema Coating Machinery deals with the mechanical engineering for coating, laminating and printing plants for R2R applications.
For more than 30 years Coatema has been developing solutions for the textile, foil, paper and renewable energies markets. These can be lab plants, pilot plants as well as entire turn-key production solutions for the coating and laminating of R2R substrates.
Coatema's R&D Solutions, deals with the service of coating and laminating. Coatema´s coating lab with more than 10 pilot plants and on production plant has a working width of 2.000 mm. Another of Coatema´s specialties is the special mechanical engineering for scale-up processes in the area of new technologies, like fuel cells or nano technologies.
An annual international coating symposium completes Coatema´s large range of services.
Image: The Minicoater: Exclusive introduction, at Printed Electronics in Dresden
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