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Cheap antennas for RFID labels

A large number of organizations have what they claim is the blockbuster lowest cost method of printing RFID antennas on RFID labels, first step in mimicking barcodes which are now printed directly on products and packaging. Printing gets the cost down over etching, stamping, copper wire and other traditional processes. However, performance is usually inferior so use is mainly confined to tickets read at only a few centimeters and smart labels working at UHF and above where the physics is more tolerant of relatively high resistance and relatively poor definition. Enter Omet of Italy which produces narrow web flexographic converting equipment. It is "embarking on a project to make printed RFID antennas more effectively". In July 2005 Omet, working with the University of Milan, commences a three stage testing program to print antennas and attach chips in straps in line with rotary printing systems.
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