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NILT launch nickel standard stamp with microlens structures

The new standard stamp features a large area of 50 mm x 50 mm with closely packed microlens array structures. The features are concave so that imprinting/embossing into a polymer film forms a microlens array in a low cost and feasible manner.
Microlens arrays are flat optical elements which can be used to control the directional output of light sources and light units. Microlens arrays can be applied within e.g. homogenisation of light, control of angular distribution of light, output coupling in LEDs / OLEDs / Lasers and input coupling of solar radiation into solar cells.
The microlens standard stamp contains closely packed microlens structures meaning that the formed lenses are arranged in honeycomb geometry with three dimensional intersections between the individual lenses. The microlens standard stamp has been specifically designed as a generic microlens array for R&D work, as well as for product and process development.
The new standard stamp is delivered in Nickel within 3 weeks from ordering at a price of only EUR 6,000.
Customer specified microlens array stamps can be made in a variety of lens diameters, lens heights, and sizes and even with elliptical light control.

About NIL Technology ApS

NIL Technology ApS (NILT) specializes in nanolithography and nanopatterning. NILT has experience in meeting complex demands for research and new product development activities, and assists customers in all stages from pattern design to imprinted pattern.
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