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Boosting the Performance of Circuits in High Frequency Applications

DuPont's new webinar is coming soon! Find out how DuPont is pushing the performance boundaries of circuit performance in high-frequency applications.
Tuesday, August 25th at 10AM PT
Joining DuPont RF Engineer Jonathan Weldon is their keynote speaker, Prismark Managing Partner Jeff Doubrava.
Don't miss this opportunity to take a closer look at how DuPont is improving the design and performance of high-frequency circuits.
About DuPont:
DuPont Electronics & Imaging brings a unique depth and breadth of knowledge, applications and technical expertise, and product portfolio to address customers' needs for connectivity today and in the future.
Their drive to provide their customers with industry-leading innovation is complemented by large scale, best-in-class manufacturing capability, and a team of scientists with deep materials science expertise to make next-generation technology a reality for their customers.
With research centres and manufacturing operations located close to their customers in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, they pride themselves on a customer-centric view to ensure they support their customers' success.
At DuPont Electronics & Imaging, They're bringing a whole new world into view.
For more information about DuPont, visit:
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