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Public Launch of a Materials Informatics Platform

Accelerating chemicals and materials R&D through data-centric approaches is a rapidly emerging area. There are an increasing number of companies, notable end-user engagements & success stories, and rising funding rounds. There are numerous approaches into using materials informatics either through working with a public-private consortium, training employees & building the capabilities in-house, or using an external company.
Each approach brings their own benefits and drawbacks. There are many hurdles to working with an external company, and it may not fit with a company's long-term vision, but it is challenging to quickly replicate the dedicated capabilities and experience of these organisations.
Citrine Informatics are one of the leaders in this field. The following press release concerns a step forward, with the public launch of their platform.
The Citrine Platform helps materials and chemicals businesses accelerate product development, rapidly respond to customer requests, and guide R&D strategy with materials-specific AI and smart data infrastructure.
REDWOOD CITY, CA -- (BUSINESS WIRE) --Today, Citrine Informatics announced the public launch of the Citrine Platform, an enterprise AI and data platform that enables materials and chemicals companies to accelerate product development, rapidly respond to customer requests, and implement data-driven R&D strategy. Global leaders such as LANXESS, BASF, Panasonic, AGC, and Showa Denko have used Citrine's technology to accelerate R&D and improve product performance.
Traditional R&D is resource-intensive and time-consuming. Limited by sparse, decentralized data, and the performance frontier of existing product lines, new materials can take decades to develop. With lengthy development cycles and an incomplete view of internal capabilities, companies miss market opportunities and struggle to respond quickly to their customers.
Based on 7+ years of experience and 50+ customer engagements, the Citrine Platform helps companies address these problems by combining cutting edge, domain-specific AI and smart data infrastructure, all deployed via an intuitive user interface tailored for use in the materials and chemicals industry. The Citrine Platform helps customers:
  • develop higher-performing products, faster,
  • evaluate the risks and likelihood of success of new R&D initiatives,
  • and reuse valuable data and AI models across teams and business units.
With the Citrine Platform, data scientists can customize all aspects of the machine learning workflow - tailored to their product line and materials class - while materials scientists can build, run, and analyze machine learning models, without writing a line of code, through a graphical user interface.
"Speed to market and rapid customization are critical success factors in the materials and chemicals industry. Fast product development cycles are pushing the materials industry to constantly adapt their products to specific applications while accounting for shifting supply chains and regulatory environments" said Raphael Stargrove, VP of Product Strategy at Citrine Informatics. "Innovative companies have invested in the Citrine Platform to create an internal AI capability and differentiate themselves in the market. We are also seeing customers increase the speed at which they develop sustainable materials and chemicals, and shaping how their scientists and business leaders learn from past R&D work."
Citrine is hosting a product launch webinar hosted by CEO Greg Mulholland and VP of Product Strategy Raphael Stargrove on August, 6, 2020 at 10am Eastern, Click here to register and click here to learn more about the Citrine Platform
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