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External Company Press Release

Ultraviolet curing for printed electronics

E2M Technology's ultraviolet curing device represents the very latest in high-tech ultraviolet curing for the electronics industry.

Ultraviolet curing is the process by which ultraviolet (UV) light is used to change the physical state of a (UV-curable fluid) liquid to a solid. The complete process takes less than four seconds.
This is an 'out of the box' ultraviolet curing system designed for developing printed electronics with ultraviolet curable components and for high-volume production of inkjet and non-inkjet products. Ultraviolet curing is an established process, being a large global industry.
The benefits of E2M Technology's ultraviolet curing include:
1. High durability of photo-cured polymer device
2. Lower carbon footprint
3. Less material wastage
4. Higher product yield
5. Reduced production processes and improved process efficiency
For production applications, the ultraviolet curer can be fitted to existing manufacturing setups, or integrated into new production systems. This ultraviolet curer is the only system with Intelligent UV Diagnostics™ for remotely interrogating a UV system for faults and for maintenance.
For research and development purposes, the ultraviolet curer delivers accurate and variable ultraviolet light intensity, timed to within 1s to initiate cross-linkable polymers and to measure the degradation of printed electronic materials.
The system offers a high level of ultraviolet control for optimizing the curing process. This is particularly useful where there are materials with different curing requirements, or where there are ultraviolet sensitive materials being used.
Using ultraviolet curing, it is possible to interlace UV curable colour inks with printable electronics. UV curable insulating inks have a low solvent chemical content, so are less likely to damage any sensitive printed electronics.
Ultraviolet curable fluids contain polymer molecules that link when exposed to ultraviolet light (energy) of a wavelength that the polymer can absorb. This process is called cross-polymerization.
E2M Technology provides ultraviolet curable materials for OLED emissive layers, adhesion, encapsulating electronics and for inkjet printing insulating coloured materials for interlacing graphics with printed electronics.
E2M Technology shall be demonstrating its ultraviolet curing at the IDTechEx Plastic Electronics conference in Dresden 13th-14th April 2010.
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