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External Company Press Release

Driving electronics for OLEDs

E2M Technology is working with a leading blue-chip Japanese semiconductor company to develop a new range of OLED driver chips for OLED lighting applications.
How OLEDs are electronically controlled is as important as the OLED chemistry itself.
Matching the controlling electronics to an OLED material can extend the operational lifetime of an OLED by several orders of magnitude. E2M Technology are electronics experts and now have a complete solution to make OLED electronics accessible to users. The solution is a chip can be tailor-programmed for any OLED lighting application.
The chip and supporting electronics have significant benefits:
1. High current capability
2. Program-configurable electronic waveform of applied OLED voltage
3. Programmable control for up to four OLEDs
4. Highly scalable configuration
5. Fast development for lighting products
For the development of the controlling electronics for OLEDs, E2M Technology delivers the means to quickly develop and optimize key areas of OLED electronics:
1. Power supply design
2. Thermal management of OLEDs and electronics
3. High current requirements for large area OLEDs and ultra-bright LEDs
4. Complete modular electronics for a rapid, low-cost development of OLED electronics
5. PC graphic user interface (GUI) development suite
The advanced driver chip is now available as a part of E2M Technology's latest OLED Science Kit, or as a stand-alone development board. The OLED Science Kit enables users to make a 5x5mm OLED and experiment with its chemistry and controlling electronics. As a stand-alone development board, OLED electronics can be rapidly developed and optimized.
E2M Technology shall be demonstrating its ultraviolet curing at the IDTechEx Plastic Electronics conference in Dresden 13th-14th April 2010.
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