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OrelTech - a Rock Star of the Printed Electronics Industry

OrelTech GmbH is a Berlin-based company that produces conductive metal inks for printed electronics applications. OrelTech pioneered a novel platform metallization technology that enables high-precision metal deposition onto a variety of surfaces, including temperature-sensitive plastics, fabrics, paper, composites, and active organic materials. The proprietary technology includes both a novel approach to metallization and novel particle-free ink formulations. This combination offers a multi-level improvement to the production of printed metal electrodes with regards to costs, energy expenditure, waste generation, and environmental friendliness.
The simple plasma curing of the inks, known as cold metallization, results in substantial savings on time and energy. Plasma curing allows manufacturers to find more effective approaches to device production and results in virtually no waste. Additionally, the lack of nanoparticles in the ink formulation brings further down the price of the manufacturing process. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Conductive Ink Markets 2020-2030: Forecasts, Technologies, Players.
The available ink products come in four ink series: ​OT​ ech T, ​O​Tech Jet, ​O​Tech Aero, and O​Tech Fabric for the printing of transparent and non-transparent metal layers on flat and 3D surfaces. Additionally, given the fact that each substrate has its own specific properties, the company also offers the possibility to customize the inks to the customer's specifications. Being an industry-agnostic product, ​OT​ ech inks can be used for many different applications that cover a broad selection of markets. For example, transparent conductive coatings made with ​O​Tech T silver series are immensely versatile across a range of industries and can be used as, e.g. OLED and solar cell electrodes or in touchscreens and touchpads.
Various precious metal coatings can be applied using the company's technology - including silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Most known printing methods like aerosol spray, inkjet, slot-die, and dip-coating are compatible with ​OT​ ech inks. For more information about the products, contact OrelTech at ​ or via their LinkedIn page​.
The team behind OrelTech has a deep understanding of the existing printed electronics market and diverse partnerships with research institutes, networks, and plasma manufacturers. The company is open to knowledge-sharing with the interested customers to work on product development and to bring unique new products and devices to the market.
The company is set to introduce two more completely new and unique ink formulations to the market by the end of the year, one of them being the nanoparticle-free gold ink. ​O​Tech gold inks will push forward the mass production of affordable medical devices that require gold electrodes because their use rationalizes both the price of the raw material and the amount of material used.
Source: OrelTech GmbH
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