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Sugino STAR BURST™Wet Jet Pulverizing Device/High Pressure Homogenizer

STAR BURST™ is a wet jet pulverizing device/high pressure homogenizer utilizing Sugino's original water jet technology. It is capable of facilitating dispersion, emulsification, comminution, and surface modification of suspension. With many chamber configurations, the Star Burst system has a key Oblique Collision Chamber for effective collision of pressurized suspension up to 245MPa (2,450 bar/35,525 psi) with Mach 4 relative velocity. STAR BURST™ has been introduced in a wide range of industries because it is an innovative method of suspension processing with minimum contamination.
Sugino Machine Limited is an innovator in the field of nanotechnology — striving to pioneer new possibilities using suspension.


Minimum Contamination
Star Burst does not use any grinding media, resulting in a minimum amount of contamination.
Homogenized Particle Size
Uniform particle with narrow particle size distribution can be achieved by controlling the injection speed of suspension.
High Pulverizing Capability
Nano-level pulverizing or dispersing is effectively achieved in a short period of time without short path of suspension.
Various Applications
This device is capable of pulverizing suspension with a viscosity of up to 5,000 mPa⋅s or up to 50 wt.%. Suspension with hard particles is also applicable, by using our original sealing structure and nozzle made of single crystal diamonds.
To support increased demand from production and manufacturing clients, Sugino Machine Limited began construction on a new STAR BURST™ assembly facility at its Hayatsuki Plant (Kuriyama, Namerikawa City, Toyama Prefecture). This new addition allows Sugino to compete more readily and develop business in new markets. In the field of ultra-high pressure - where we can take full advantage of our core technologies - our goal is to expand production capacity and reduce lead times to capitalize on global demand for development and production, particularly in the materials sector.
Sugino Machine Limited has also added a testing center at our facility in Illinois, USA and Prague, Czech Republic, to allow our US-based or Europe customers to verify the processing performance of Star Burst.
A recent example of STAR BURST™ application:
Advanced material development: STAR BURST™ was used for uniform Graphene suspension utilized for energy storage, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, enhancement of mechanical properties of material in wide range of industries.
STAR BURST™ solutions and/or benefits:
  • Production of High Quality Multiple Layers of Graphene Suspension
  • High Yield
  • Reduction of Production Time
  • Scale up from Lab to Production
Production of Graphene Suspension
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