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SunRay Scientific launches ZTACH adhesives for flexible electronics

SunRay Scientific launches UV cured ZTACH™ anisotropic conductive adhesives for assembly of flexible electronics.
The UV cured ZTACH™ anisotropic conductive adhesives, which are designed for fine pitch interconnects on flexible substrates, will be complementary to SunRay's existing heat cured ZTACH™ adhesives which are designed for lead free assembly on rigid substrates.
"Flexible electronics is expected to see tremendous growth driven by applications such as organic photovoltaics, OLED lighting, eReaders etc. Attachment technologies such as UV curable ZTACH™ will be key to melding together a diverse set of components such as inorganic semiconductor chips, printed electronics and flexible substrates," said Hari Venugopalan, Vice President, Business Development at SunRay Scientific.
"ZTACH™ will enable manufacturers to use high throughput processes in flexible electronics assembly and deliver on the low cost promise of flexible electronics. The UV curable ZTACH™ adhesives will also lower the carbon footprint of our customers, a key part of our strategy."
Flexible electronics refers to electronics on flexible substrates and includes devices fabricated either by vacuum deposition or by printing methods such as screen printing, flex printing and has multiple end user applications in displays, sensors, photovoltaics, medical diagnostics etc. According to IdTechEx, the market for flexible electronics is expected to grow from approximately $1 billion in 2010 to $33 billion in 2020.
"Unlike conventional anisotropic conductive films, ZTACH™ anisotropic conductive adhesives are applied as a paste without any pressure and then cured either with heat or with UV in a magnetic field which results in the formation of conductive columns, which have electrical and thermal interconnection in the Z-axis but are electrically insulated in the X-Y plane. The non-application of pressure is a significant advantage since it enables our customers to assemble fragile materials such as organic semiconductors without introducing any device reliability issues," said Joe Mazzochette, Chief Technology Officer at SunRay Scientific. "Furthermore, ZTACH™ enables fine pitch processing without additional patterning for individual I/O bonding pads during assembly, which increases processing throughput for our customers."
Samples of UV cured ZTACH™ anisotropic conductive adhesives are available from SunRay Scientific.
SunRay Scientific (SRS) is a supplier of advanced materials for printed electronics manufacturing and lead free packaging. The company's key focus is the advancement of green electronics with clean chemistry, which includes development of conductive inks, epoxies and anisotropic conductive adhesives that minimize waste, eliminate use of lead, and reduce carbon footprint in electronics manufacturing.
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