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External Company Press Release

Intrinsiq Materials acquires new technology licence

Complementary nanoparticle manufacturing technology

Intrinsiq Materials Ltd. (IML) has secured exclusive, worldwide rights on a novel, low temperature route to making nanoparticles for an undisclosed sum.
The technology was developed by a leading European chemical company, and the transfer of title has been completed as part of a negotiated package. The technology transfer was carried out during the first quarter of 2010.
The acquired technology is complementary to IML's existing high temperature DC plasma processing platform that already produces a wide range of highly specified inorganic nanoparticles, and is the result of more than ten years of development.
The new process is primarily aimed at metal nanoparticles but combines broad materials and processing flexibility with scalability for industrial uses and will give IML increased flexibility in the design and development of their nanoparticulate products.
"There will be some markets and materials applications where clients will find this to be a better option for them on cost or performance" said Ian Clark, Sales & Marketing Director of IML. "This new platform has the potential to deliver lower cost products where highly specialised processing, such as the rapid cooling or the exclusion of air that our thermal plasma route offers, is not required".
It is expected that products from this system will be developed during the second half of 2010.
Intrinsiq Materials, which focuses primarily on Advanced Materials for Printed Electronics and the Health & Wellness sector, was spun out from international defence and security company QinetiQ in 2007. IML has positioned itself to be a leading materials solution company focussing at the nanoscale, with 2 proprietary platform technologies: i) a plasma based nanomaterial manufacturing technology (Tesima®) for the scaleable production of novel nanomaterials and ii) a nanoporous silicon technology.
In addition to a substantial intellectual property portfolio developed since the 1990s, IML maintains its HQ and nanomaterials production facility in Farnborough UK and R&D facility in Malvern UK.
IML is currently working with a broad set of international customers and partners on nano copper and silicon inks, nano phosphors, broad spectrum antimicrobial nanoparticles and biocompatible nanoporous silicon technology to improve the performance of consumer care products as well as improve nutritional delivery from performance foods.
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