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Brand New IDTechEx Report on Transparent Electronics Materials

This in-depth IDTechEx report explores see-through micro LED, OLED, QD displays, photovoltaic windows, electric darkening, RadarGlass, circuits, metamaterials, heaters and antennas.
"Expect a $20+ billion market for smart vehicle and building windows, invisible electronic overlayers" - IDTechEx
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Hyundai promises that some of its future electric cars will retain large roof windows but they will also make enough electricity to greatly increase range. The Chinese railways are deploying trains with windows that have interactive, light-emitting colour displays visible when needed. The USA has an increasing number of farm greenhouses that let in the types of light that optimally grow plants while using the rest to make electricity. The brand new IDTechEx report, "Transparent Electronics Materials, Markets 2021-2041" explains. With no nostalgia or academic obscurity, it is uniquely up-to-date, comprehensive and materials and markets focused.
The rapidly expanding business of transparent electronics includes transparent electrics and optronics. The transparency is achieved using transparent materials or alternatively opaque materials in patterns that let light through as with your car window antenna and demister patterns. Indeed, in Germany they are developing headlamp glass that steers to radar beam of driverless vehicles. Germans are already offering transparent heater laminate to go over the inside fitments of electric vehicles, saving weight and power, increasing range.
The "report" has a comprehensive, easily grasped Executive Summary and Conclusions with new infograms and 29 forecasts. The Introduction presents the main aspects coming into prominence from 2021-2041. Chapters 3 and 4 analyse the many types of transparent display emerging Chapter 5 is a deep dive into transparent photovoltaics as it finds new uses and becomes multifunctional. Chapter 6 explains what is happening with see-through circuits whether using opaque material patterns with gaps or using transparent conductive layers. Chapter 7 addresses electrically darkened glass in buildings, vehicles and more. Chapter 8 covers enabling constructs in transparent electronic devices.
Questions answered include:
  • Why are big names becoming so interested?
  • What are the most vibrant, growth markets for transparent electronics 2021-2041?
  • What materials are needed and how will they evolve?
  • Gaps in the market? Leading researchers showing the way?
  • Technical progress with transparent LCD, mini LED, micro LED, QD, OLED displays?
  • Emerging applications of transparent displays?
  • Transparent photovoltaics progress, new applications, multifunctionality?
  • Progress with transparent circuits - what new functionality, materials, potential?
  • Electrically darkening glass: progress, potential, materials?
  • Enablers: construction, materials, uses of barrier layers, conductive patterns?
  • Why will metamaterials become very important in transparent electronics? How?
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