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PV Nano Cell 5D Electronics of Things Complete Solution to Power IoT

PV Nano Cell Introduces 5D Electronics of Things Complete Solution to Power the Internet of Things
PV Nano Cell Ltd., an innovative provider of inkjet-based conductive digital printing solutions and producer of conductive digital inks, today announced that it is introducing a revolutionary 5D (5 Dimensions) Complete Solution. This solution enables Electronics Everywhere and is digitally printing numerous electronics that power the Internet of Things. This newly introduced solution leverages the company's 3D printed electronics technology that uses conductive additive manufacturing with mass-production applications.
The IoT (Internet of Things) is a driver for implementing electronics everywhere, and created an industry need to implement additive digital mass production processes in the manufacturing of electronics. Digital additive manufacturing has proven viable and additional applications ranging from automotive, solar and smart cities to medical devices, wearables and consumer electronics are implementing the digital approach. PV Nano Cell is introducing a 5D complete solution that digitally prints electronics and conductive patterns for IoT and other applications. The 5D complete solution address the 3D printed electronics geometry, the conductive ink optimization dimension and the printing process dimension. The ink optimization dimension includes domain expertise in nano-particle chemistry addressing critical factors such as metal load, stability, viscosity, evaporation rate and jet ability. The printing process dimension includes the printing strategy, printing parameters and throughput capabilities.
PV Nano Cell's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fernando de la Vega, commented, "The solution we are launching today is a result of years of experience developing and printing electronics. We have developed a five degrees of freedom technology which together with our customers, can control, develop and manufacture their next generation superior electronic devices. This solution is applicable to R&D, prototyping, low volume production and of course, mass-production. Using our technology, customers gain the competitive, unfair advantage, technology companies must always retain. During the development of this solution, we achieved some remarkable results in printing embedded passive components, filling vias, printing on a variety of substrates and serving multiple industries. With a growing number of registered patents, PV Nano Cell continues to be at the forefront of innovation enabling customers to fully realize the potential of their pioneer technologies."
As published, PV Nano Cell announced that it is introducing additional digital conductive inks meant for Solar, Ceramic, Glass, LIFT and Generic Applications. The company was also recently granted a patent in Brazil, BR 11 2013 013885-8 A2, Method to Produce Concentrated Dispersions of Nanometric Particles of Silver. As part of the company's business focus on mass-production based recurring revenues, PV Nano Cell also recently announced non-exclusive strategic agreement was signed with Notion Systems GmbH, a leading manufacturer of industrial inkjet systems for functional materials. The two companies plan to jointly go to market and offer complete solutions including inks, printers and the printing process to be implemented in digital, mass-production additive manufacturing of printed electronics.
About PV Nano Cell
PV Nano Cell (PVN) offers the first-ever complete solution for mass-produced inkjet based, printed electronics. The proven solution includes PVN's proprietary Sicrys™, silver-based conductive inks, inkjet production printers and the complete printing process. The process includes ink properties' optimization, printer's parameters setup, printing modifications & tailored printing instructions per application. In the heart of PVN's value proposition lies its unique and patented conductive silver and coper inks - Sicrys™. Those are the only inks made of Single Nano Crystals - which allows the inks to have the highest stability and throughput required to drive optimal mass-production results for wide range of applications. PVN's solutions are used all over the world in a range of digital printing applications including: photovoltaics, printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuits, antennas, sensors, heaters, touchscreens and other.
Dr. Fernando de la Vega - CEO
Phone: 972 (04) 654-6881
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