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Posted on August 9, 2005 by  & 

Printed mega memory comes nearer

Thin Film Electronics in Sweden has been one of the largest investments by venture capitalists in this space. It has recently announced that it has progressed from experimentation to evaluating printing technologies for its printed ferroelectric polymer memories. Ultimately these will be capable of one gigabyte on a fleck of plastic no bigger than a small postage stamp. Inkjet, flexography and all common printing technologies are being evaluated and the memories should be producible in commercial quantities by the end of 2005.
Chief Executive Rols Aberg says that the printed memories will be modest in capability initially. He seeks to sell licenses for their manufacture. That seems to be hundreds of bits or so because there is talk of providing the new printed transistor RFID labels with memory. That may not make many waves, because companies such as Organic ID that are near to launching printed RFID labels say they have their own memory technology at that modest level but the real challenge is when large printable memory is needed.
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