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White Amethyst and White Sapphire intelligent OLED light

E2M Technology has launched two OLED systems for OLED lighting applications, White Amethyst™ and White Sapphire™. White Amethyst is designed for OLED lighting concept systems and White Sapphire is designed for OLED lighting systems where there is a greater emphasis on aesthetics for decorative, or mood lighting. White Sapphire is a production-ready OLED system. Both systems can be configured for a given application.
Light design benefits of White Amethyst and White Sapphire:
1. New interior light design aesthetics and scenographics
2. Soft, non glaring, flat light that can be looked at and admired
3. Create large area, thin profile lighting
4. Mirrored, or diffused finish to the light
5. Modern, minimalist appearance
6. Quality light-off appearance
7. Electronic light-dimming control
8. Change the lighting effect using the E2M Technology's electronic controller
The White Amethyst and White Sapphire kits from E2M Technology enables a user to very quickly connect the kit's components together, to make a working OLED lighting system. Using the provided GUI software program, users can alter the lights luminosity level, program lighting sequences for up to four OLEDs.
E2M Technology are experts in electronic systems design for lighting applications. Electronic systems are custom designed and optimized for lighting, power supply and the application. E²M Technology offers a comprehensive range of design services for LED and OLED lighting products. E²M Technology's Product Design Suite is designed to meet the requirements of lighting technologies.
Image: OLED art
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