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Project Oscar develops organic photovoltaics

Armor, a leading supplier of coated films for the thermal transfer printing industry, has launched project OSCAR.
OSCAR, short for 'Organic Solar Cells by ARmor', is a project carried out by a consortium of five companies, including Armor (initiator and project leader), INES (Institut National de l'Energie Solaire), LCPO (Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques), Plasto SAS and Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas.
In response to the growing demands for renewable energy, project OSCAR is all about developing organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells for the solar industry. OPV cells have the advantage of enabling more cost efficient manufacture, being more lightweight and flexible and using more harmless compounds than standard solar cells.
Sustainability being high on Amcor's agenda, the company is proud to contribute to a project that supports the production of renewable energy and that makes solar energy more accessible to a wider public. Amcor's input to this project is the development and supply of the encapsulation film that protects the solar cells from moisture and oxygen whilst maintaining a high degree of flexibility.
"The transparent barrier film is a key component to avoid quick degradation of the solar cell," explains Bertrand Jannon, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas. "Although the film is based on plastic, it should not degrade under UV light and humidity. Also, it should be produced in an efficient way to suit the low cost OPV application."
To fulfill the requirements of the OPV cells, Amcor can rely on its deep know-how of barrier technology since it was one of the pioneers in developing and producing a transparent vacuum coated barrier film under the tradename Ceramis®.
Furthermore, Amcor will work on improvements of the film's performance with regards to moisture and oxygen barrier to ensure a good protection and long life of the modules. The new OPV cells will be ready to market latest in 2014. With regards to other applications, Amcor's high barrier films are also suitable for the protection of organic LED, vacuum insulation panels or for other types of solar cells.
Image: Description of the OPV film, reflecting the contribution of each partner; © Armor
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