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Xenon Corporation ushers in the newest generation of photonic curing

Urged by potential customers and by R&D users, Xenon Corporation entered the field of photonic curing and is introducing SINTERON 2000—its new system for sintering, or annealing, conductive nanoparticles on heat sensitive materials at low cost.
Recognized in the marketplace as the leader in pulsed light curing, Xenon was a natural for developing this technology, and SINTERON 2000 is the proof that the market was correct. SINTERON 2000 is able to sinter conductive inks in less than a millisecond on a variety of low cost, heat sensitive materials such as paper, polyethylene films and PET. And it turns in this performance at a significantly lower price tag than other photonic curing systems.
The SINTERON 2000 system is flexible, offering researchers the ability to adjust both the energy level and pulse durations delivered to the flashlamp. Its speed and low substrate heat—one flash in less than 1 millisecond at room temperatures with up to 2,000 joules—achieves excellent conductivity while also offering an unprecedented ability to sinter copper nano inks as well as silver.
Prior to photonic technology, copper annealing had been a difficult challenge due to oxidation; now copper, which is lower in cost than silver, can be used effectively.
The introduction of SINTERON 2000 is welcome news for those involved in many areas of printed electronics—areas such as displays, smart cards, RFID and solar applications. The non-contact process makes it suitable for such web-based printing techniques as inkjet, flexography, gravure, and screenprint.
The SINTERON 2000 system features a high energy pulsed xenon lamp that provides a broadband spectrum from 240 nm to 1000 nm. In addition, the Sinteron 2000 provides a 19-inch rack unit that contains the power supply, controller and four pulse forming networks (PFN). By allowing easy connections for these PFN stages, different pulse durations can be quickly configured.
Xenon Corporation, the world leader in pulsed UV light technology, is known for developing and manufacturing innovative products that deliver outstanding performance in Industrial, Medical and Research applications.
In addition to sintering systems for the Printed Electronics industry, Xenon Corporation produces high performance pulsed UV lamps, decontamination and UV curing systems. End-users and OEMs worldwide depend upon Xenon Corporation products for longer life and greater reliability. Applications assistance and visits to Xenon's lab in Wilmington, MA are always extended.
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