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PVI is now E Ink Holdings Incorporated

Yuan Tai Technologies Inc. has changed the international version of its name from Prime View International (PVI) to E Ink Holdings Incorporated (E Ink).
E Ink Holdings Incorporated will offer its ePaper products under the brand name 'E Ink' and its LCD products under the brand name 'Hydis'. With over 20 million electronic paper displays in the field, the company's E Ink-branded ePaper displays are used in applications such as eBooks, eNewspapers, eTextbooks, Wristwatches, Smart Cards, Shelf Labels, Battery/Memory Indicators, Mobile Phones, Public Information and Promotional Signs.
"The E Ink name is synonymous with the ePaper industry that we pioneered and in which we enjoy a leadership position," said Dr. Scott Liu, Chairman and CEO of E Ink Holdings Incorporated. "We are now a globally recognized brand name and aim to have our displays on every smart surface."
E Ink is continuing to make major investments in research, development and capacity expansion to support the growing demand for its LCD and ePaper products.
While this move comes as a surprise, E Ink is a stronger brand name to many compared to PVI. Indeed, like "Hoover", "E Ink" has become synonomous with "E-paper".
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Reference: Yuan Tai Technologies Inc
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