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BIPV: A net-zero building produces as much energy as it uses

Morton Solar & Wind, LLC has been awarded a $2.16 million contract to install a 340KW photovoltaic system on the new Richardsville Elementary School currently under construction near Bowling Green, Kentucky.
The system will be the largest photovoltaic system in Kentucky to date and the school is projected to be the first net-zero energy elementary school in the United States. A net-zero building produces as much energy as it uses.
The thin-film photovoltaic system will be installed by BIPV manufacturer United Solar. Mark Morelli, President and CEO of United Solar's parent company, Energy Conversion Devices said, "United Solar is very happy to be an integral part of an overall net-zero energy project that highlights our UNI-SOLAR rooftop industry-leading flexible, thin-film, low impact and low profile solar laminates,"
The school will employ various energy efficiency technologies in addition to the photovoltaic system, including geothermal HVAC, active solar lighting, efficient kitchen strategies, ICF walls, and energy efficient windows. The photovoltaic system will be a "grid-tied" system that will feed energy back into the power grid. The school will receive $0.22 per kilowatt/hour for the solar energy from the local utility company funded by the Green Power Partners program of Tennessee Valley Authority.
Reference: United Solar
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