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JetXpert for dispensing

JetXpert combines state of the art strobing technology with customized optics and powerful ImageXpert software to provide a flexible platform for analyzing the performance of any frequency actuated dispensing head for non-contact dispensing systems through drop-in-flight analysis and visualization. The optical head is 9.5" in length, and can be integrated directly into dispensing equipment or used as an off-line or bench top unit.
Measuring the in-flight characteristics of drops under different conditions can aid in optimizing system settings, fluid formulation and dispensing system performance. Manufacturers of dispensing tips, dispensing systems, driver electronics, and fluids will benefit from analysis of drops in flight.
In JetXpert, the strobe is slaved to the firing frequency of the dispensing head so it can be used to measure drops in flight for any dispensing head. By slaving to the drive frequency of the print head or dispensing system, its synchronizes the strobe and camera and is able to take images of single droplets in flight (offering single event technology). One strobe per image frame for excellent image quality and imaging of single droplets rather than image aggregation.
The strobe interface software provides digital control of strobe pulse width; imaging of single or double dots; multiple delay times; and strobe intensity for optimal imaging for a variety of heads and dispensed materials.
The camera is a digital, Firewire, black and white camera with 1024 x 768 pixels. The optical design allows for imaging and analysis of drops from nanoliters to picoliters in volume.
ImageXpert software is used for image analysis including drop trajectory, velocity, volume (based on single drop, drop series, or ligament), and drop radius.
The strobe software also enables animated visualization of drops in flight for more detailed observation of dispensed drops during formation, ejection and providing greater insight into print head performance. Images, image series and movies can be captured and saved.
This calibrated system returns results in real-world units such as nanoliters and meters/second.
It can also be of further benefit to end-users if the OEM version is integrated into final dispensing system designs for on-board process verification and control.
Offering unparalleled flexibility in both hardware and software, JetXpert is an affordable and powerful solution for measurement and visualization of drops in flight and is appropriate for both R&D environments and for verification in production.
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