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Solar powered phone for India

Vodafone Essar, the Indian subsidiary of Vodafone Group and one of India's leading cellular services providers, has launched its latest generation eco-friendly solar charging handset in India. The new handset uses a solar powered solution to benefit users in areas with adequate sunlight.
The VF 247 Solar Powered phone was launched at the Vodafone store in Fort, Mumbai. The launch of the VF 247 solar powered phone is in keeping with Vodafone's aim to increase mobile technology accessibility for millions in India. With an extended solar powered battery, the solar powered phone addresses the problem of unstable electricity supply in many rural areas. VF 247 solar powered phone charges by itself, by exposure to ambient light. Sun Boost, the special inbuilt hardware and software ensures that the phone charges also in a room, under normal daylight.
Speaking on the launch, UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt Hon George Osborne MP said, "I'm very pleased to help launch Vodafone's new solar powered handset. It's the new UK-India economic partnership in action. The handset will get more people connected, paying less and doing their bit for the environment."
Marten Pieters, MD and CEO, Vodafone Essar Ltd said "Vodafone's solar powered phone is launched for people residing in areas where electric supply is unstable, so that consumers can rely on solar charging to remain connected. This launch is likely to enable more people in rural India to go mobile and thus increase penetration from the current 20%. We will continue to invest to uplift the quality of telecom services and products in India."
Vodafone's rural network coverage of 65% is the second highest in India. It also has the second largest rural subscriber base in the country. The VF 247 solar powered phone comes with essential mobile phone features such as FM radio, color screen and a powerful torch light and will be commercially available in the near future.
Source Vodafone
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