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External Company Press Release

Ascent Solar Modules submitted for external product certification

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. has announced that its packaging solution for flexible monolithically integrated CIGS modules has successfully passed a critical environmental testing milestone.
An independent laboratory conducted a series of tests on Ascent Solar modules under the requirements of the IEC 61646 standards. The Ascent Solar solution successfully passed all of the test requirements including the rigorous standard of one thousand (1,000) hours of damp heat testing (85 % relative humidity and 85° C temperature) set forth by IEC for performance and long term reliability.
Ascent Solar has begun external certification under IEC 61646 by submitting product intended for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) and building applied photovoltaic (BAPV) applications for use in commercial and residential rooftop markets. Preparation for submission under UL certification is also underway. Once certified, Ascent's flexible CIGS modules will be the first of their kind to achieve such certification, and should position the company for entry into the largest markets for its products.
Dr. Farhad Moghadam, President and CEO of Ascent Solar, stated, "We believe that the majority of BIPV and BAPV demand resides in flexible CIGS solutions incorporating a certified flexible package. Our demonstration of the first flexible CIGS package which meets the IEC testing opens the door to penetration into these large market opportunities."
Additional information can be found at External Link.
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