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Heliatek to manufacture organic, oligomer-based solar cells

Heliatek is pursuing the goal of becoming the world's first manufacturer of organic, oligomer-based solar cells and the supplier of the most efficient, stable and productive organic solar cells.
The company will start building its first production site in Dresden. Construction will be carried out in co-operation with FHR Anlagenbau GmbH, Ottendorf-Okrilla, - an internationally experienced manufacturer of innovative vacuum process technology.
The foil coating system which has been developed by FHR is a highly integrated production line for organic solar cells with a very small footprint. For the engineers and the technologies of FHR Anlagenbau GmbH, combining the complex vacuum process technology used for depositioning organic molecules, the structuring of the molecule layers and the lamination of the plastic foil was a real challenge.
Heliatek and FHR plan to have the new manufacturing facility set up by mid 2011. The first products to be produced by the new foil coating system are expected to be available at the start of 2012.
The manufacturing facility will be built at the Heliatek location in Dresden. Heliatek moved into its 'new home' there in May of this year, giving it the space to carry out everything 'from lab to fab'. The modern hall offers ideal conditions. With a floor space of about 1,700 m², it provides enough room not only for production but also for the laboratories and research units to grow throughout the coming years.
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