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Paper Piano - Demonstrating Interactive NFC

Paper Piano - Demonstrating Interactive NFC
Interactivity of NFC enhances the pallet of applications. prelonic boosted the capabilities by introducing a new quality of interactivity by using printed electronics.
Since nearly every smartphone offers NFC functionality, NFC is used for a broad variety of applications besides payment functions. The simplicity and cost of the integration of NFC applications to plastic films or paper is under permanent development and improvement. New approaches to this topic promise an incredible number of new applications in advertising, educational aids and for games. "Since the potential of this technology is so huge, the number of ideas is growing very fast - faster than the realization. Now it is on us, to select the most promising applications" Friedrich Eibensteiner, CEO of prelonic, is describing the situation.
"To demonstrate some capabilities we developed a simple application: the paper piano. It is a mainly printed hybrid device, which allows you to play on an 8-key- piano music via your mobile phone. It's really only an example what's possible in this technology world," he introduces this newest demonstrator.
prelonic realized in the demonstrator also a new kind of areal push buttons used under the piano keys. It could be printed in every 2D shape and adjusted to the needed push force. Using that, creatives can fully act out their ideas on design and function. The demo video could be found at It shows how simple such devices could be produced on printable material. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Materials for Printed/Flexible Electronics 2021-2031: Technologies, Applications, Market Forecasts.
Company description
prelonic technologies is developing and producing integrated hybrid electronics products and processes therefore. The focus is on the integration of printed electronic elements and classical electronic elements via printing. The utilized printing technology is screen printing, but also gravure and flexo printing could be used. Such products are paper-thin, flexible and cheap and could be customized to every form and application.
The founder Friedrich Eibensteiner
Dr. Eibensteiner is founder of prelonic . He is an innovative entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in printed and hybrid electronics. Prior to starting prelonic he was managing and growing high tech companies in the fields of printed sensors and transponder technology. From 1997 to 2000 he ran his own consulting company (SYSAN - Systemic answers) in the technology segments Biotechnology and Systems Analysis. Then he joined the Trierenberg Group and built up the Systems Integrator for Transponder Technology TRICON. Before founding prelonic he was CEO and Managing Director of the Nanoident Organic FAB GmbH.
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prelonic technologies
Ingenieurbüro für Technische Chemie Dr. Friedrich Eibensteiner
Lannergasse 7
4020 Linz, Austria
Source and top image: Prelonic
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