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Chip-based sensors progressing

The future may lie with printed sensors but chip-based sensors are progressing apace. In July 2005, Bio-Nano Sensium (BNS) Technologies confirmed details of a limited beta test program of its wireless biosensor system, in which potential partners and clients will evaluate the sensors in the treatment of a range of chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiac conditions and asthma. According to BNS (a subsidiary of Advance Nanotech Inc.), the system is based on a low-cost, disposable, integrated sensor interface chip called the Sensium that can be implanted in or worn on the body with complete freedom of movement, thanks to a very small battery size.
The Sensium is compatible with a wide range of sensors and can be configured to detect vital signs such as ECG, blood oxygen and glucose, body temperature, and even motion and mobility. The system aims to improve the way doctors and patients can monitor chronic conditions and help to increase the effectiveness of ongoing treatments. The technology holds great promise for integration into bio-nanosystems, for which devices must be small, low-power, possess on-board processing capabilities, and incorporate wireless communication.

Dual purpose

The beta program serves a dual purpose: For prospective clients, it offers a chance to evaluate a working model of the system. For BNS and Advance Nanotech partners and system integrators, the programme provides a working platform for obtaining configuration data, developing control and calibration algorithms for bio-nano sensors, and for optimising wireless operating protocols for their specific applications. Trials of the fully integrated BNS system are planned for the second quarter of 2006.
According to Stephanie Interbartolo, senior vice president of business development for Advance Nanotech, "As this technology becomes commercially available we anticipate a wide range of applications across the healthcare industry. Some of these applications will be developed by BNS and Advance Nanotech, while others will be developed in partnership with outside organisations."
BNS Technologies is a joint venture between Advance Nanotech and Toumaz Technology Ltd, a UK-based developer of radio frequency, analogue and mixed signal semiconductors.
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