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Wireless Sensor Networks: Dream and Reality

Wireless sensors are of huge interest for reasons that vary from disaster control to more efficient farming and military deployment. Little wonder then, that Savi, a Lockheed Martin Company, is talking on "Why Everything will be Tracked Wirelessly" at the forthcoming event "Wireless Sensor Networks and RTLS" in Boston USA. Concerning the more immediate reality, Schneider Electric of France announces self-powered wireless multisensors for buildings. There is rapid progress with all the parts involved - the sensors, power storage, energy harvesting where used and processors. Cymbet will announce zero power sensors using energy processing. GS Caltex, and CEA of France cover progress with thin film batteries. Indeed, Infinite Power Solutions covers thin film batteries with integral energy harvesting interfaces. Energy harvesting is covered by a large number of exterts covering harvesting of heat, light, movement, biological chemistry and more. National Instruments will advise on the top five factors to consider when implementing a wireless sensor network. Fraunhofer IIS in Germany and Microchip Corporation will explain low power chip design for WSN.
So where can all these new advances be employed? Dust Networks, with its remarkably low power, truly mesh networks will show how real time location can result. Emerson, one of the top three in wireless sensors will illustrate applications and future needs in process control. On the other hand, Massachusetts Institute of Technology will describe its work on embedded sensor networks for smart utilities, sports medicine and interactive media. Microstrain, famous for multimode energy harvesting with its sensors will describe its long experience of putting these in rotorcraft. Identec Solutions of Austria shares its experience of wide application of active RFID for locating.
At the IDTechEx joint event Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS USA and Energy Harvesting USA in Boston, Massachusetts November 16-17, many noteworthy advances will be announced for the first time. This remarkable event will include Masterclasses before and after the two day conference and exhibition and visits to local centers of excellence. For full details visit
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