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elumin8 produces SpaceractivII

Elumin8, a manufacturer of printable lighting technology (electroluminescent displays) has collaborated with designer Ginco and Perspex to produce a range of stunning free standing lighting displays which they describe as "a fusion of art, lighting design and interior architecture."
The series of 6 freestanding lighting panels are being exhibited at the Tea Building during London Design Week. The panels have an intricate abstract motif that is designed to light up in a slow growing motion. This gentle evolution of light brings life to the environment and a contemplative dimension.
Ginco has been experimenting with Elumin8 lighting since 2003. Her work aims to create a vision of our future living environment. It challenges the common conception that light emanates from one source, typically from the ceiling or a standing lamp. More importantly, it establishes a new purpose for light, beyond the obvious one to lighten a space.
In Transmutant Spaces, Spacereactiv I and Spacereactiv II, light becomes a surface. It is used as a medium in its own right and as an extra dimension: light creates, writes, modifies space and thus it engages our psyche. Ginco enables lighting to create an environment in motion that echoes the ongoing movement in life.
Richard Kirk, Managing Director of Elumin8, comments that: "By working with innovative designers such as Ginco, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with electroluminescent lighting technology. The interest of using this printable light source in interiors and architectural environments is growing daily, and Elumin8 is proud to be pioneering these applications usage."
Source: elumin8
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