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Advanced Cerametrics Inc awarded $1.2M for energy harvesting

Advanced Cerametrics, Inc. (ACI) has been awarded a $1.2 M contract to power Picatinny Arsenal's state of the art situational awareness sensor system called "RRAPDS" via its piezoelectric composites, generating electricity from vibration. The "Remote Readiness Asset Prognostic/Diagnostic System" (RRAPDS) was developed by Picatinny Arsenal, NJ to provide munition lifecycle environmental monitoring and give users (local and remote) accurate "health status" awareness. The system allows for real-time access of source data and can provide critical information needed to monitor and control the structural response. This has been made possible due to New Jersey Congressman Holt's assistance, as a part of his commitment to support the troops for their immediate, most pressing needs and helping small businesses such as Advanced Cerametrics for its new green technology products designed and built in New Jersey, USA.
ACI has transitioned its business, previously focused on industrial ceramic components manufacturing, into a leading provider of high tech energy harvesting technologies. The company is developing and commercializing its unique piezo fiber composites that convert ambient vibration and motion into useable amounts of clean electric energy. ACI's original breakthrough development - the technology to make piezoelectric and other ceramics into flexible fibers - was facilitated by a federal grant. Now, ACI's Harvestor™ energy harvesting power modules are commercially available and are used to eliminate or augment wired or battery power with perpetual and sustainable power.
Congressman Holt has committed his support to ACI for further product development and commercialization of this technology that powers microelectronics and wireless sensor applications for military, industrial, transportation, aerospace, sporting goods, medical, and consumer market applications. "This vibration energy harvesting technology offers great promise for powering an increasing number of electronic devices, in government and the private sector," said Holt.
Advanced Cerametrics, Inc. pioneered the technology to manufacture ceramic in a flexible fiber form. This technology inexpensively captures the positive properties of ceramics (electrical, thermal, chemical, mechanical) and eliminates the negatives of brittleness and weight. The Energy Harvestor™ provides perpetual electric power from vibration. Active Vibration Control™ uses piezo fiber composites to improve structural performance.
Source: Advanced Cerametrics, Inc
Top image: Picatinny Arsenal
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