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ESCORT releases all-new PASSPORT Solo S3™ OLED display

ESCORT releases all-new PASSPORT Solo S3™ Cordless Radar / Laser Detector with high-contrast OLED display

ESCORT Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium automotive electronic accessories and maker of the world's best radar and laser detectors, have announced the release of the all-new PASSPORT Solo S3™.
Designed for consumers who travel a lot or who seek class-leading radar detector protection without the use of cords, the new Solo S3™ is an advanced design and technology successor to the industry acclaimed cordless performance leader, the Solo S2™. "The new Solo S3™ provides a sleek new look with improved long range performance, and a new brilliant, high-contrast OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display. Our customers love the Solo S2, but based on customer input, we have raised the bar with the new Solo S3," said John Larson, ESCORT President and CEO. "We think our customers will be very pleased with the result."
"With portability in mind, the new Solo S3™ model is a bit like a laptop in the PC world, which are sought for speed, convenience and use on-the-go ... our new S3™ model is the laptop of radar detectors... small in size, light weight, convenient and portable, but big on performance," said Tim Coomer, ESCORT's Vice President of New Product Development. "ESCORT's Solo series detectors have been the long-standing leader and detector of choice by drivers seeking a cordless detector solution. The Solo S3™ offers the industry's longest range and best overall performance for a cordless model," he added.
The new detector features all-band protection, 360-degree radar/laser detection and improves on the industry-leading range of the current platform. And the new S3™ model has a high-efficiency power management system that maximizes battery life with built-in intelligence that allows the unit to automatically power off if left unattended.
Drivers can select from multiple user selectable features and will be better served with the completely new, brilliant high-resolution high-contrast OLED display for easy sight reading. The S3™ model is also compatible with ESCORT's optional SmartCord.
The PASSPORT Solo S3™ Cordless Radar/Laser Detector retails for $349.95 and is available direct from ESCORT. For more information about the new PASSPORT Solo S3™ cordless radar and laser detector and ESCORT's other premium automotive accessories including the all new PASSPORT iQ™ radar detector with integrated GPS NAV and the award-winning PASSPORT 9500ix™ GPS-enabled windshield mounted radar and laser detector, visit External Link.
Source: ESCORT Inc.
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