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A universal TFT/OLED display driver board

Amulet Technologies, a recognized leader in embedded graphic user interface solutions, recently announced the availability of a universal TFT/OLED display driver board.
This is the fastest and easiest solution for adding a graphic user interface (GUI) to an embedded product. GEMexpress™ boards can interface to displays up to 800x600 resolution, allowing for greater design flexibility and a shorter time to market.
It has all the features found in the original GEMexpress™ (GCC-1), but doubles the storage capacity with a 64 megabit serial flash for storing more GUI pages and quadruples the amount of memory with a 256 megabit SDRAM for enhanced performance in higher resolution color TFT or OLED displays.
The new board is a highly integrated six-layer PCBA measuring 1.5"x3.0" and is composed of Amulet's GEM Graphical OS Chip™ for color displays and those components required to support this chip. Amulet's chip includes the LCD controller, touch panel decoder, ARM7 processor, and patented Graphical Operating System in Silicon™, which manages the entire user interface off-loading the GUI from the host processor. The GUI is fast and easy to program using Amulet's new user interface design tool GEMstudio™. A free trial version of GEMstudio™ can be downloaded from Amulet's website or any GEMstudio™ affiliate.
"The addition of GEMexpress™ II is exciting as it expands our board-level offerings to higher resolution displays with its enhanced memory capacity. It offers our customers integrating larger color TFT displays a whole new hardware approach to graphic user interface integration," stated Jim Todd, Amulet's Sales Director. "Designers will save a lot of time and cut costs using products in the GEMexpress™ family as they reduce the need for complex board designs to support both the GUI and display."
The new board targets small to medium size OEMs integrating higher resolution displays to any embedded product. GEMexpress™II display driver boards are available now for $120 USD through Amulet franchised distributors.
More information on GEMexpress™ II is available at:
Source: Amulet Technologies
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