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TVs with rollable - OLED displays

Samsung has etched up a bright future for OLED displays. Samsung Mobile Display's Kim Seong-cheol recently showed off a 0.2mm flexible AMOLED display but confirmed that with the technology available currently, OLEDs can be produced with a 0.1mm thickness. Such display, Kim reckons can be used for television sets and the commercialisation could happen sometime in 2013 or 2014.
Additionally, Samsung is also developing a paper-thin OLED display that can be used for applications like newspapers or books. This paper-like display is expected to be mass produced by 2015.
SMD's current OLED market share is close to 99 percent.
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Image: Kim Seong-Cheol, a senior manager over at Samsung Mobile Displays showing the 0.2mm thick display.
Source: Samsung hub and Samsung Mobile Displays
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