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Sony names Nobel chemist Negishi as research advisor

Electronics giant Sony has named Eiichi Negishi, the Japanese co-recipient of this year's Nobel Prize for chemistry, as a senior advisor for research and development.
The US-based organic chemist, a distinguished professor at Purdue University in Indiana, will help Sony review its progress in the research of organic electronics, the company said.
"Professor Negishi will also advise on Sony's medium and long-term research plans, and on methods for nurturing talented researchers," the company said.
"Through the involvement of such a renowned expert in this field, Sony aims to stimulate its researchers in their organic electronics research and development, and accelerate their R and D processes as a result."
Sony has researched and created products using organic chemistry and synthesis, including computer and television displays.
Negishi received the Nobel Prize in chemistry together with Akira Suzuki of Japan's Hokkaido University and Richard F. Heck of the University of Delaware.
Their findings have been used to create a chemical tool widely used throughout the world to drastically accelerate organic synthesis reactivity, contributing to the technological advancement of various industries, including pharmaceuticals.
Source: AP
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