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Interactive DVD packaging from MeadWestvaco

Thomas Grinnan from packaging company MeadWestvaco told IDTechEx how they are using printed electronics for their DVD packaging. He explained that the DVD market is highly competitive and increasingly studios seek more appealing packaging to stand out from the crowd. Enter simple printed electronics. Using conductive inks and some conventional components - a coin cell battery, silicon chip and speaker (one day all printed) - MeadWestvaco have DVD sleeves which speak something when the consumer opens the DVD.
"YOUR FIRED!" says the Apprentice DVD (now on sale in the US) when opened. The Sopranos DVD is the second interactive DVD they are working on, to be commercially released shortly.
Like talking cards, such packages will become increasingly common, helped by technology developments allowing conventional, bulky electronic and electrical components today to be eventuallly all printed, laminar and flexible.
To learn more hear MeadWestvaco present at Printed Electronics USA External Link.
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