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Konarka signs distribution agreement with Japanese company

Konarka has signed a distribution agreement with Japanese company Kogent Inc a subsidiary of Macnica Group, a leading distributor in Japan. The company will distribute Konarka's organic, flexible, thin-film solar material that converts light to energy. Kogent will help to penetrate the electronics and the energy harvesting market from a medium - and long-term standpoint by utilizing their nationwide network in the region.
"Konarka is committed to delivering Power Plastic for various electronic applications of all sizes around the globe," commented Shinji Kawahara, director of business development, Japan at Konarka. "With Kogent's established involvement in the region coupled with Konarka's highly efficient, cost-effective solar technology, we expect to expand Konarka's presence in this opportunity rich area of the world."
The Power Plastic is a unique, lightweight and flexible material that lends itself to a wide range of applications where traditional photovoltaics are not effective. The National Energy Renewable Laboratory (NREL) recently certified that Konarka's organic based photovoltaic (OPV) solar cells demonstrated a world record breaking 8.3% efficiency, the highest performance recorded by NREL for an organic photovoltaic single junction solar cell.
"The energy harvesting market has tremendous potential and is expected to expand to many industries and applications in the near future," commented Motoshi Mineo, president at Kogent. "With Konarka's innovative technology and standards in developing only the best thin-film photovoltaic products on the market, Konarka Power Plastic will be at the core of our energy harvesting business plan."
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