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Samsung Mobile Display unveils next-generation AMOLED displays

Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) has demonstrated its leading-edge, next generation AMOLED displays.

4.5-inch WVGA Flexible AMOLED

The company presented a prototype of the most advanced flexible AMOLED display. Only 2mm thick, the 4.5 inch flexible AMOLED runs at a WVGA 800 x 480 resolution and can be rolled down to a one centimeter radius.
This new concept prototype offers a display resolution four times that of the previous most flexible AMOLED prototype in the industry, thanks to the use of a new plastic substrate that can withstand the 450-500 degree temperatures required in the manufacturing process.
Typically, flexible displays use plastic substrates instead of glass substrates because this helps the display become lighter and thinner. Furthermore, the new plastic substrates are not prone to breakage during manufacturing. Previously, plastic materials melted at temperatures over 400 degrees during the manufacturing process, making commercialization difficult.
Development of the 4.5 inch Flexible AMOLED prototype, designed for smart phone and tablet PC displays, is a major step on the road to mass production.

19-inch qFHD Transparent AMOLED for TVs and monitors: World's first large-screen transparent AMOLED production prototype

SMD has also shown what they claim to be the world's first large transparent AMOLED Display prototype, designed for use in applications from PC monitors to TVs.
Whether the prototype AMOLED display is turned off or on, it maintains up to a 30% transparency. The average amount of transparency elsewhere has been below 10 percent.
SMD's transparent AMOLED prototype provides the highest resolution on a transparent large screen TV (over 19 inches) or monitor display.
Uses may include searching the Internet while watching TV, or watching TV on windows, including car windows for backseat passengers.
AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays can go far beyond LCD and plasma with distinct advantages such as vivid color, widest viewing angles, low power consumption, high contrast and extremely fast response times.
1. Vivid colors: Outstanding color reproducibility that will not change in relation to the gray scale;
2. Widest Viewing Angle: Offering extremely clear viewing regardless of viewing angle;
3. Low Power Consumption: Excellent energy efficiency, with minimal power usage;
4. High Contrast: Bright, vivid and remarkably clear viewing with the highest display contrast and wide color reproducibility;
5. Fast Response: Incredibly fast response speeds. Because there is no change in temperature, moving images appear natural, virtually eliminating eye fatigue.
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