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Graphene-based conductive inks to appear in products this year

US Company Vorbeck say that products using their patented graphene based electronic ink will appear in major retail stores sometime this year.
Vorbeck will use $2.785 million of recently secured funding to expand sales of its Vor-ink conductive ink for printed electronics applications. This is the world's first commercial product using graphene, which offers the printed electronics industry a highly conductive and flexible conductive ink at a cost well below competing silver-based inks.
With completion of this financing, rapid customer adoption of their products, and approval by the EPA for the commercial sale of the graphene-based conductive inks, Vorbeck expect strong growth during 2011.
The company was established in 2006 to manufacture and develop applications for smart cards, illuminated displays, printed diagnostics and smart packaging, using technology developed at Princeton University.
Reference: Vorbeck
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