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Light Tape lights Burlesque Premier red carpet

How do you light up a red carpet laid on the pavement of Leicester Square? You use Light Tape of course

Once again Light Tape UK Ltd provided just the right solution when the idea to light up the word Burlesque, cut out in a section of the red carpet used at the London premier of the newly released movie of the same name, starring Cher and Christine Aguilera.
As the Light Tape product is only as thin as a business card it proved perfect for the job. A large Sheet of Light Tape was placed directly under the section of the red carpet that had the name of the movie expertly cut out central of the walk way each letter having circles cut out within it made to resemble Hollywood style dressing room mirror lighting. An underlay was placed on the pavement of Leicester Square and the carpet rolled over the sheet of Light Tape into position.
The effect was truly impressive as the Light Tape flashed on and off adding yet more Hollywood glitz to the already spectacular event.
Light Tape even stood up to the rigors of being walked over by the female stars in their 5inch heels and driven over by the limousines at the end of the event.
Watch our video of the event at:
The Carpet at the event was supplied by Brent Carpet Company Limited and the event was organized by Premier PR.

What is Light Tape?

Light Tape is made up of metal ribbon coated in Sylvania phosphor and encapsulated in a Honeywell laminate. Light Tape has no glass, no gas, and no mercury/heavy metals and so is user and environment friendly.
Light Tape provides an 85% 90% energy saving against other commercially available light sources such as Neon and Cold Cathode and due to its thinness (just 0.5mm thick, as thin as a business card) and being lightweight, affords inherent flexibility of use providing a neater, modern, space saving alterative that is easy to install with little to no maintenance and has a long working life.
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