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Posted on October 13, 2005 by  & 

PChem enter flexo-printed conductive ink market

PChem Associates' CEO, Dr. Greg Jablonski, announced that PChem's new high speed, conductive ink for flexographic printing is available for shipment. They say the new ink is ideally suited for high volume production of consumer electronics circuitry in a thickness range of 0.5 microns - 2 microns on a variety of low cost plastic substrates.
Dr. Jablonski stated, "We see a demand for a conductive ink to support high volume print runs of electronic circuitry for consumer electronics. Our customers need inks that can process quickly; that cure to a high level of conductivity at low temperatures. Our silver nanopowder is the perfect platform for this type of application. The unique properties of our silver nanoparticles make them ideal materials for these types of high volume applications. Our nanopowders exhibit properties not found with larger, micron sized metals, enabling our nanopowder based inks to work where other more traditional inks have failed."
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