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External Company Press Release

Parity Solar achieves MCS accreditation for thin film photovoltaics

Following a rigorous review of the company's manufacturing processes, materials, procedures and products carried out in China by the British Board of Agrément, Parity Solar will be one of the first manufacturers able to supply high quality thin film solar modules with MCS certification as well as the TüV accreditation achieved in 2010.
Global manufacturer of crystalline and thin film solar panels and experienced system house, Parity Solar has a solid track record of successful PV installations across other parts of Europe and Asia and now plans to introduce its certified panels to the UK. With a number of thin film projects already under discussion in England and Wales, the company is gearing up for rapid growth over the coming months.
Alexander Gramm, President of Parity Solar GmbH, the Group's European headquarters in Germany, explains why the UK market is so important. "Not only is the UK one of the fastest growing solar markets in Europe at present, but the climate is ideally suited to the use of thin film rather than conventional crystalline modules. Using the extensive experience we have gained working with thin film in Germany, we are very optimistic about the prospects for our technology in the UK."
The benefit of thin film is that it continues to generate electricity even when conditions are less than optimal: on cloudy days, on rooftops that are not South-facing and when temperatures are considerably higher or lower than those considered ideal for crystalline modules. Although not as efficient per m2, thin film technology is considerably cheaper per kWh of electricity generated. With careful design, Parity Solar has even demonstrated that it is possible to combine the two technologies for the best of both worlds.
Parity Solar has recently announced plans to increase capacity at its module manufacturing site in Zhenjiang, China, to 500MW p.a. This is made up of amorphous silicon thin film and poly-crystalline panels with a range of performance characteristics. The company is confident that it has a strong roadmap of new products and an extensive pipeline of projects for the foreseeable future.
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