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Researchers develop high-capacity, temperature-tolerant li-ion battery

The Journal of the American Chemical Society recently published a study investigating advanced lithium ion battery applications for commercial electric vehicles.
Hassoun et al. from University of Rome and Hanyang University, Seoul, explored the possibility of high-capacity, extreme temperature-tolerant li-ion batteries to increase range and performance of EVs in a transport era where environmental damage is a key concern and petroleum is high in price and low in quantity.
The researchers examined high-capacity nanostructured anodes and high-rate, high-voltage lithium spinel cathodes. They combined these elements to create an advanced battery capable of operating at 5ºC whilst maintaining more than 85% of the initial capacity and offering 100 high rate cycles with an expected energy density of 170 Wh kg−1. The team believes this to be a promising development in energy storage and power for hybrid and pure electric vehicles.
The project received funding from the World Class University (WCU) programme through the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation.
which has now been renamed from Future of Electric Vehicles to reflect its unique covering of the whole subject.
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Image source: Journal of the American Chemical Society
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