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Organic photodetectors and image sensors

Organic photodetectors and image sensors, highly innovative products for new applications and markets

The organic electronics industry has been creating new materials for the organic photovoltaics products, attracted by high volume market opportunities.
These materials can be used also for transforming light into information, and plastic and glass surfaces in sensors and smart surfaces able to interact with their environment.
Organic printed electronics offer possibility for development of large area and high performances optical sensors and image sensors based on organic photodiodes printed on plastic and glass substrates. These new sensors offer unique properties (large sensing area, thin, light, flexible, and transparent) for highly innovative product designs and concepts and technology usages. They offer also high performances (operation in visible and near infrared spectrum, or selective spectrum operation).
ISORG, a new start-up of CEA-LITEN Grenoble (Nanomaterials Department) was created in 2010 to design and industrialize this new generation of printed electronics sensors. ISORG is uniquely positioned as industrial pioneer company offering a breakthrough technology transforming glass and plastic into smart surfaces able to sense and communicate.
These new classes of sensors are based on a combination of new organic conductor and semiconductor materials used with large area, high volume deposition and patterning equipments.
This technology offers real product design integration (3D integration) through large area, flexible and thin optical sensors on plastic substrates.
The potential applications are many, including industrial (spectroscopy, process control, form and shape recognition), environmental monitoring (fluid and gas), consumer electronics (scanner, man machine interface) and displays, smart lighting and building, medical (digital imaging), toys and games.
These sensors can be combined with other printed electronics technologies such printed LED, electroluminescence, batteries, opening door for collaboration of product development with other organic industry players for innovative product concepts.
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