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Soligie's new sheet fed, flat bed screen printing line

Soligie enhances printed electronics manufacturing capabilities with sheet fed, flat bed screen printing line

Soligie, a leading manufacturer of printed electronics, announces enhanced capabilities with the addition of a sheet fed, flat bed screen printing line.
The addition of a flat bed screen printing system strengthens Soligie's ability to efficiently support customers requiring low to medium volume manufacturing options. In addition, Soligie is better positioned to deliver initial proof-of-concept parts and provide a seamless transition from prototyping, to low and medium volume manufacturing, to manufacturing for high volume production.
The use of this system also permits the use of existing materials sets as a starting point for further technology development and production. Customers are now able to select one vendor for their current needs and maintain the continuity of relationship, knowledge and material inventory as their manufacturing requirements grow in volume with the success of their products.
"Soligie has always been well positioned to provide manufacturing services with our high-volume, roll to roll printing line," says Mark Litecky, Soligie's VP of Sales, "the addition of the flat bed press allows us to better serve our customers as they transition from prototypes to early production. It is a great extension of our capabilities and sets us apart from most companies in the printed electronics field."
Soligie provides custom, robust, repeatable manufacturing solutions for printed electronics by leveraging multiple printing platforms and a deep materials knowledge and experience. Soligie partners with customers to meet their unique requirements from concept design to volume manufacturing with a continuous focus on quality management.
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