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A movie-inspired design show by Disney and DuPont Corian

Light Tape company contributes to the "TRON designs CORIAN" exhibition providing their unique, high-tech and proprietary electroluminescent film technology which will be used to create fascinating lighting effects inspired by the film "TRON: Legacy".
Light Tape by Electro-LuminX Lighting Corporation (USA) is an advanced technology, thin film light bulb. It has no glass, gas or mercury, stays cool to touch, creates zero light pollution and is highly flexible.
Being extremely robust, Light Tape has a long lifespan and ultra-low carbon footprint.
With a choice of colours, widths and custom shapes, Light Tape can be used both indoors and out with stunning effects. Using less than 100 Watts of power for every 100m length, Light Tape is contributing to CO2 emission reduction on a global scale.
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