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E-books, E-readers begin to catch on with college crowd

Study finds growing acceptance, but preference for print textbook continues

This past holiday season, e-readers were found under many a tree and downloads of digital books followed with glee, according to the findings of a new student survey conducted by Oncampus research, the research division of the National Association of College Stores (NACS).
The March 2011 on campus electronic book and E-reader device report backs predictions that we could be approaching the tipping point for digital reading materials among this demographic. The latest report, the product of a survey of 655 students, explores their e-book usage as well as their interest in e-reading devices.
The results showed a 6% increase in e-book purchases of any kind when compared to a similar study done in October 2010, while fewer students are relying on laptops or netbooks to read the material. Nearly 15% fewer students said they used those devices to read e-books, while 39% said they used a dedicated e-reader, up from 19% just five months ago. "Although the vast majority of students still do not own a dedicated e-reader, this is a significant jump in five short months," says Julie Traylor, NACS chief of planning and research.
Nearly 15% reported owning an e-reader, up from 8% in October. Of those now owning a digital e-reader, the Amazon Kindle was the most popular, with 52% of college students owning one, compared to 32% five months ago. Other top e-reader devices included Barnes & Noble's Nook (21%), Apple iPhone (17%), and Apple iPad (10%). Students interested in purchasing a new e-reader are most interested in the iPad and Kindle (both 27%), followed by the Nook.
Curiously, print textbooks continue as the preferred media option among this demographic. Fully 75% of the college students in the March 2011 survey said that, if the choice was entirely theirs, they would select a print textbook. This is similar to the findings of the October 2010 e-reader survey, as well as one done in the fall of 2008.
On campus Research is a consultative research group with one mission: to help companies better understand the college market. With more than 75 years of experience in the college industry, it offers full-service quantitative and qualitative research literally "On Campus," through an online panel of more than 18,000 students at 1,100 campuses nationwide. Specializing in online surveys, focus groups, omnibus surveys, syndicated studies, and in-depth interviews, Oncampus works with clients to create a strategy that best fits their needs and positions them as the brand of choice among college students.
Source: Oncampus Research
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